The alternative investments company.


Day Star Partners has solid experience in promoting, creating and structuring vehicles for advising Alternative investments, also in Business management.


We are managers & entrepreneurs.

Our favorite sectors are Fine Art and antiques, Real Estate, Quantum technologies, Blockchain, the new Pharmaceutical sector, without neglecting Opportunities.

Our second investment fund in 2012 was an American Contemporary Art Fund, a sector that we have never abandoned, for this reason we maintain a special relationship with the world of fine arts and we have solid experience in promoting artists on the international scene. 

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Companies go through different periods throughout their life cycle.


Periods of strong growth and development, periods of stability, and of course, periods of less growth and of crisis. In all these stages they are faced with changes that need to be well managed.

​It is relatively common to see strong management teams who have invaluable experience in daily activities but are not completely prepared to face any of these situations of change, which result in critical or difficult times that may affect the value of the business.

​In these situations, we provide the experience, knowledge and involvement required:

​-We specialize in advancing to the market trend.

-We specialize in processes of change.

-With a practical and professional approach.

-With a complete focus on results.


We are entrepreneurs and we like to be surrounded by other entrepreneurs.

We believe that entrepreneurship is fundamentally a way to add value to other human beings. We believe that each one comes to this world with a talent and a mission to offer to the world, and that developing them is giving us a life and giving it to others.

We believe that life makes more sense when we simply do what we have come to do to this world.

We believe that life is more fun and meaningful when we are surrounded by people who are committed to making their dreams come true.

We believe in collaboration rather than competition. We believe in projects more than jobs. We believe in offshoring more than schedules. We believe in talent and also in conscious money, the result of adding value to other human beings.

We believe in abundance. We believe in working with meaning and we like what we do so much that we never want to retire. We believe in the power of creativity and freedom.

We believe that there have never been as many opportunities as at the moment and we believe in leading our lives every day, regardless of short-term results. We believe in results in the medium and long term, in giving everything as if there was no tomorrow and in 100% commitment. Less of that seems to us to live on sales.

We believe that entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.


- Fine Art

- Quantum technologies

- DLT - Blockchain

- Pharmacy

- Real Estate

- Opportunities


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. ”

Pablo Picasso


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