Art as and Asset Class

Day Star Partners has a solid experience in promoting artists on the international scene and in the creation and management of investment funds focused on Fine Arts.


Our mission is to create more liquidity in the art market and help artists, collectors, art dealers, museums and other professionals to profitably leverage and monetize works of art allowing a wider range of investors to diversify in art investments while we build a valuable collection of contemporary art in the medium and long term.


Funds provide diversification and economies of scale by pooling assets to gain greater exposure across the art world. Diversification across geographies and mediums are essential to avoid concentration risks. Economies of scale allow for assembly of research and operational expertise, management skills, as well as buying and selling power.

Having a robust infrastructure is essential in order to support the acquisition of large scale works and a global lending program. In turn, museum exposure for artworks in the collection enhance the value of these works, creates visibility for the collection and eventually build, which in itself enhances the value of every work in the collection.


A virtuous circle.


  • Corporate governance and a regulated structure protect investors from potential conflicts of interest, as well as providing tax efficiency and regular accounting and reporting.

  • A clearly defined investment strategy, with proper risk management and exit strategy.

  • Independence and objectivity of the service providers of the fund, and related segregation of duties.

  • Combining social responsibility, intellectual rigor, education and lifestyle enhancement for interested investors

  • Eligible investors have the possibility to borrow or acquire works from the collection.


Day Star Collection cannot by statute be offered to the general public. Day Star Collection as a collective investment scheme exempt.


The Exempt Plan has received great interest from local and international investors. It is a flexible and cost-effective structure that is particularly beneficial for use by HNWI and family offices. There were more than 170 of these schemes in operation during 2013, with a total net asset value of around USD $ 5.5 billion. 


An exempt scheme can also hold non-financial assets, examples of which might include yachts, aircraft, art and antiques and intellectual property. The scheme it can obtain investment advice from any source. It is also flexible in that additional sub-funds can be added to accommodate different investment objectives or strategies or to segregate particular assets. 

Day Star Collection cannot by statute be offered to the general public. Therefore private investors can maintain the focus of the fund objectives and underlying assets. The fund can, however, be converted in to a Specialist Fund or a Qualifying Fund, if required. The investment fund is not commercially distributed, the scheme can not be accessed without particular invitation.

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